MillerCoors Perfect Draft

MillerCoors sends over a thousand sales reps to bars annually to pitch the beer portfolio and claim stake over competitive beer brands. Since the astronomical rise in popularity of craft beers, the competition and real estate have gotten extremely heated. It’s much harder to sell the light beer category to bars when craft is all the rave. It’s also much harder to convince busy bar owners within 10 minutes why they should carry your beer. And yet it’s even much harder to do so using a pile of stapled documents in manila folders. This dated technique wasn’t doing any one any favors, so we opted to transform their antiquated presentations into a modern, interactive app. An app that allows sales reps to carry a library of information uniquely customizable to a bartender’s needs. Seeing what benefits and profits could look like in real time made an immediate massive impact on sales, causing the CMO to call for a global rollout. Needless to say, a world tour ensued and airline miles were gained.

Art Director/Designer